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* please note, we use peanut oil to cook all our food *
**all large plates take about 20 minutes to prepare**
***we reserve the right to request for our table back after you have paid your bill to accommodate our other hungry guests. thanks!***






* please note, we use peanut oil to cook all our food *
**all large plates take about 20 minutes to prepare**
***we reserve the right to request for our table back after you have paid your bill to accommodate our other hungry guests. thanks!***

Abraham Conlon



Growing up in blue-collar Lowell, Massachusetts, Abe's culinary beginning was heavily impacted by his Portuguese heritage and a strong Southeast Asian presence in his community.

Beginning a professional cooking career at the age of 15, Abe gained knowledge of classic sensibilities early on. His understanding of French technique and refinement bloomed under the disciples of Fredy Giradet (Franck Giovannini) and Gray Kunz (Jon Mathieson), from which he continued his classic training at the Culinary Institute of America, while also studying fusion techniques under Norman Van Aken.

The next stage in Abe's career found him running Chez Asian Bistro in the Dominican Republic, melding traditional Southeast Asian styles with local ingredients, and then Augustine's at Fredericksburg Square in Virginia, where he became the youngest Chef to be awarded a Four Diamond Award by AAA.

Upon arriving in Chicago, Abe founded X-marx, an underground experience exploring modern techniques as well as world homestyle cuisines. Now, his new solo venture Fat Rice is a return to roots, harmonizing the rich influence of Abe's upbringing and heritage with a thirst for culinary exploration and preservation, focusing on food from modest traditions, prepared with an immense respect for ritual, custom and technique.

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Adrienne Lo


General Manager/Owner

Growing up in a Chinese family cooking traditional dishes laid the foundation for Adrienne's love of all of the flavors and experiences the world has to offer. Distinct memories of making jiaozi dumplings gathered around the table with her family illustrate the importance she places on food's power to bring people together. She has travelled the world extensively, living in the Northern Indian village of Gangtok while studying the local cuisine, and has spent time in her grandfather's Chinese hometown of Bonpo, Anhui and the Sichuan provincial city of Chengdu learning traditional Sichuanese dishes. As a co-founder of X-marx, Adrienne brought many of these traditions back home, and continues to reference her experiences and family recipes as the driving force behind Mama's Nuts here in Chicago.

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Hugh Amano


Sous Chef

Most of Hugh's memories from his early days revolve around food--from the black forest cake and mac and cheese in his mother's kitchen in their small town in Colorado, to the sukiyaki at his grandmother's house in Kyoto, to the izakayas he'd be snuck into by his father in Osaka. As an adult, his passion lies in sharing this love of food with people, whether it be cooking professionally, hosting intimate dinners in his home, or writing about food at Food on the Dole. After obtaining an English Degree from The University of Colorado, then a Culinary Arts degree New England Culinary Institute, Hugh has worked in various restaurants in Atlanta and Chicago, most recently as Executive Sous Chef at Uncommon Ground on Devon Avenue. Continuing his love for exploration, he has traveled through Croatia, Spain and Japan, and has consulted on various restaurants and food projects in Chicago as well as a recent stint running a mobile wood fired oven in Montana--mounted on a 1954 Chevy.

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Mama's Nuts!


Coming Soon, Right Next Door!

Mama's Nuts! was started in honor of the traditional handmade treats that we grew up with and that have been passed down to us from family and friends. Mama's Nuts! are carefully blended, cherished family recipes that have been made by hand for over 30 years from the highest quality ingredients. It is now our pleasure to carry on this heritage and to preserve them for ourselves and for you. Mama's Nuts! was created: To ensure that these treasured heirlooms will never be forgotten, and also to develop original recipes inspired by a newer generation using Mama's philosophies.

Mama's Nuts!
2953 W. Diversey Blvd.   Chicago, IL   60647

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We're always on the lookout for new talent devoted to an exceptional level of quality, craft and service. If you have the drive to join our team, contact us with a resume and cover letter. We'll be in touch.

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Fat Rice
2957 W. Diversey Logan Square Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 661-9170 (NO RESERVATIONS)
Email us @eatfatrice

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a casual neighborhood joint serving up Euro-Asian comfort food.


Drawing influence from the Euro-Asian unions of China, India and Southeast Asia's colonial past, the food at Fat Rice combines homestyle comfort with exotic, lesser known ingredients and flavors. Influences are rooted in the travels of the Portuguese and countries they touched over the past 500 years. Fat Rice is the celebration, preservation and evolution of these past happenings, embracing the traditions of old and presenting them in a new light on a menu of hearty curries, handmade noodles and wood-grilled meats—all hot and spicy and served in a family-style setting.

Fat Rice may seem progressive, but it's old!


Our beverage selection revolves around quaffable, thirst-quenching, food-friendly selections. Composed by Craig Perman (Perman Wine Selections), the wine list is globally influenced with a focus on the Iberian peninsula. Cocktail selections are lighter, low-alcohol concoctions that range from White Port with Preserved Salty Lemon & Soda to Dominican Rhum with Tamarind Vinegar & Vanilla. Rare Tea Cellars provides unique and interesting hot and iced teas, and coffee is custom roasted by Bang Bang Pie.


Our lively and upbeat dining room provides warm and accommodating service in a casual neighborhood setting. As an extension of the open kitchen, the dining room allows us to share an engaging and lively discovery of flavors with guests, at once both nostalgic and fresh without pretense.

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Photos by Huge Galdones





  • ABC 7: "A happy consequence of foreign occupation."
  • 190: "totally unique culinary culture clash" "progressive, but old, in the best possible way"


Fat Rice owners Adrienne Lo and Abraham Conlon talk about the creation of Arroz Gordo, or "Fat Rice," for Bon Apetit. Fat Rice included in the Top 10 Best Restaurants in America for 2013.